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Be supported having your voice.


The right methods, the right fit, the right support.


Creativity at your core.

Inspired by creativity and dedicated to helping you live your best life

Have you noticed the last time you thoroughly enjoyed an activity?  Have relationships come and gone and left you feeling more exhausted than fulfilled?  Does your home life or family situation feel more like “making do” rather than stepping into joy?

Resonant Life Counseling is about bringing acceptance, kindness, and joy back into your life.  We are a group of professionals: therapists, coaches, trainers, and speakers. We are ready to meet you or your organization at the level that best fits you and your journey. 

We believe that choice in approach is best to provide the most comprehensive support.  Whether you need career coaching/counseling, life skills organization, creativity inspiration, family communication coaching, or fundamental emotional, we have a process that can fit you. Our therapies include Emotive Sound, inner child work, EMDR, Trauma Release Exercises, somatic processing, and expressive trauma therapy work. We have practitioners ready to serve you, with the expertise and format that works best for you.

What we do

We have 4 practices to serve your needs:

Clinical Therapy – Professional therapists focus on profound modalities built and used for gentle but targeted resolution, expansion, and growth. We are trained in EMDR, CBT/DBT, Emotive Sound, Intuitive Experiential, Psychodrama, expressive art therapies, and many more modalities and approaches for healing.

Neuro-Exceptional Music – Music lessons taught by musicians trained specifically to support kids and adults in their personal neurological and personal growth and development.  

Wellness Coaching –  Coaches and Behavioral Technicians are trained in executive function coaching, life skills enhancement, and multimodal creativity expansion such as finishing that book, producing that album or getting over the finish line – you feel supported the entire way.

Workshops and Seminars – Trainers and Consultants with the mission of moving through the goalposts for your group or organization with Connected Leaders Intensive, Be Mindful, and Create Bold Compassion. 

What is Emotive Sound?

Emotive Sound is a technique for using creativity and sound, enabling clients to discuss difficult situations with less discomfort and more focus on resolution. Emotive Sound enables clients to create the emotional resources they need, and bring them into their daily routine. Then they can release the patterns that don’t work for them.

In addition, clinicians are able to witness the process, integrate with many other approaches, and keep the client in the driver’s seat of their therapeutic experience.  Emotive Sound can also be used by physical therapists and bodyworkers to facilitate somatic muscle activation and release. It can aid all therapists in their ability to access historical resources and trauma information.

Coaches and individuals may employ Emotive Sound processes to assist with imagining future states, learning how to enhance performance focus, and to develop more confidence and success.

How to get started

Click the button below, and a Resonant Life Counseling professional will reach out to discuss appropriate services from your description. 

A short discussion and assessment will be provided to find the best fit.  

As you progress, goals will be re-measured to ensure the best growth and resilience outcomes possible. 

Whether you use individual counseling for specific issues, coaching around your job and/or creativity, or you attend groups and workshops for intensive growth,  your progress will be clear. Allow us to facilitate your journey toward the life you want for yourself, your family, and your closest relationships.