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Webinars and streaming

With the current pandemic affecting the world, we are creating a content series geared for parents, kids, and especially healing professionals and essential workers who are shouldering so much of the stress for the country right now.

When life is difficult, and we are in legitimate crisis, it becomes difficult to turn off or step away when our shifts are over. Some of us can’t turn off because once we’ve worked full days we have to come home and participate. 

Resonant Life Counseling webcasts and streams are being built to reach you in your homes and create experiences that allow you to turn off, hopefully for many nights in a row. We will be using relaxing sound frequencies, patterns, and interactions.

Planned Streams

  • Let’s get the eff to sleep
  • Mindfulness playground
  • Slow walk through the art museum
  • Listening to the cliffs by the shore