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Resonant Life Counseling specializes in creating experiences that bring people together, develop insight, and allow individuals to connect to their inner truths on a deeper level. We offer a variety of services to meet your therapeutic needs and comfort level.

Individual sessions

Individual sessions are coordinated between the clinician and the client, on a recurring or as-needed basis. These one-on-one meetings support making progress and managing stressful life experiences as they occur. Recurring weekly or biweekly sessions can facilitate deeper exploration of ongoing issues and may be recommended for optimal outcomes. Clinicians will work with you for a plan that best fits your life and lifestyle.

Group sessions

Groups are recommended for people looking to work on relationship issues, practice social skills, and find support and camaraderie on topics that are sensitive or require discretion from work, home, or other social environments. Groups may be formed to focus on the following topics:

Rediscovering your inner child: Working on core issues and wounds that are foundational to our being.  Groups act as support and sounding boards for needs, wants, abuses, and neglect that has led to dysfunctional patterns that create chaos in our current lives.

Addiction recovery support: A place to support your recovery from addiction, whether through sobriety, reduced harm, or other approaches. There are no other requirements (religious or otherwise) that some find difficult as a part of other programs. 

Executive function support: Individuals looking for emotional support using creative strategies. Whether it’s strategizing for advancement or promotion, managing classes, or achieving relationship goals, meet with a dedicated group willing to support, challenge, and collaborate with you to accomplish your goals.

Groups require a minimum of 4 people to start. Clinician and clients work together to recruit appropriate and interested individuals.

Experiential Workshops

For some topics, 1-2 hours isn’t enough to make the headway needed to really propel your life forward. These multi-day intensive experiences are held at a location that allows privacy and contemplation away from everyday life. Topics can include:

  •     Freedom from negative messages
  •     Inner child intensive
  •     Relationship intensive (couples welcome but not required)
  •     Brain structure support (for help with mental organization)
  •     Adventure/equine experiences (contact for more information)

Upcoming workshops will be announced in Events.


Online mindfulness retreats

Mindfulness retreats connect on a regular basis around meditation and mindfulness, utilizing Therapeutic Sound Technique to deepen and expand the process. Meet virtually every morning for five days to both meditate as a group and to be present for individual experiences that allow deeper levels of processing.

Creativity-focused mindfulness retreats

Focused around the arts, these retreats are good for creatives to get away and find support in either moving a specific project forward, or finding the care, nurturing, and relaxation to rediscover their voice. Many people find themselves burning out or working to exhaustion, and this is the place to do the opposite: relax and rejuvenate with other creatives, and explore the reasons the burnout occurs to help restore the balance.

Resonant Sound Experience

Live performance experiences created around art, sound, and wellness. These interactive events utilize the Therapeutic Sound Technique in a safe-for-public environment. Come join the experience at various venues across the valley (and sometimes around the world).