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About us

Resonant Life Counseling is an organization dedicated to delivering innovative and profound healing environments for families, parents, children, and young adults. Our mission is to work with a trauma-informed care mindset to implement leading modalities in helping our clients realize happier and more fulfilled lives.

Clinical clinicians providing therapy employ EMDR, DBT, CBT, Experiential Therapy, Psychodrama, Trauma Release Exercises, somatic therapies, and many other techniques and approaches. 

Behavioral Health Technicians and Coaches employ supportive techniques such as Executive-Emotive Function Coaching, Life Skills Enhancement, Multimodal Creativity Expansion, and Practice and Pattern Assessments so your life patterns work and support you.

We provide therapeutic focus on the following conditions:

  • Trauma (single event and pervasive childhood trauma)
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • ADHD
  • Managing autism
  • Sensory issues
  • Executive function issues
  • Oppositional defiance
  • Bipolar issues
  • Borderline issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of motivation
  • Career counseling
  • Burnout
  • Cultural/racial issues

Our Team

Learn more about the professionals that make up Resonant Life Counseling integrative team.

Adam Petty, MM, MPC, LPC

Principal counselor and facilitator

I do this work because I’ve been there, and in my experience I can lead people through the process that enabled growth beyond my dreams. Having a diverse experience has brought me to a different perspective both on how therapy works, and what we can effect in you and your family member’s lives. My training in EMDR, DBT, Psychodrama, IFS-EMDR, TRE, and Emotive Sound provides the background from which I can address a diverse set of symptoms. Whether those symptoms encompass dissociation, hyper-fixation, neurodivergence, depression or aversion symptoms, panic issues, or a mix, if your interest is utilizing your history to create new growth and outcomes with creativity, we can likely find a new productive trajectory.

Working as a performer, I also learned what it takes to dial in both mental and physical refinement at a high level. Practicing becomes a way of life, and bringing that mindset allows the world to become an aspect of practice, whether that is practicing my career, practicing my relationships, or practicing my self-love and self-acceptance. Add in more than a couple years of working in technology, and hopefully you can see the platform from which a high level of growth is possible. Learn more

Dan Nichols, LAC

Licensed Associate Counselor

Dan offers a welcoming open environment which will help you discuss problems and pursue personal growth. He is available to help clients struggling with relationships, grades, negative habits, grief, and self-esteem. Dan’s experience in business can help entrepreneurs overcome anxiety that risk represents. He specializes in areas such as concentration, focus, and image consultation that can help you perform better. If anxiety, addiction, or lack of confidence are holding you back, Dan offers a range of approaches to support your investigation, introspection, assessment, and realignment of habits and beliefs.

Armando Salas, ESC

Emotive Sound Coach

I understand how challenging life can be. We all need self-care, relaxation, and a safe calming space to explore our emotions. All my life I’ve been aware that sound has the most amazing effect on our mind and body, the whole organism. And for me, saxophone has been the center of my musical universe since the age of 10, enabling me to eventually receive my Bachelor’s of Music in Jazz Studies at the University of Arizona (U of A). At times when I experienced life was overwhelming, music became my center and solace that enabled me to get through. Now, as I’ve learned Emotive Sound technique, I’ve found a new way to bring my felt sense of music and centering to students and clients of all ages. Whether it’s working through a series of lessons to help witness growth, relaxation and rejuvenation sessions to destress and reconnect, or helping others have a resource in managing schedules and day to day tasks, together we can find the safety, relaxation, and exploration that moves you forward.

Armando Salas

Israel Solomon, BHT

Behavioral Health Technician

I have been a Behavioral Health Technician for close to 3 years, and as a behavioral health professional I see the importance of meeting someone where they are at. I value giving individuals a space to express themselves while learning how to work through day to day life challenges. Born of an East African father and Native American mother, I’ve been shaped with a deep sense of spirituality, traditions in culture, food, music, belief, and way of life. When I was younger though, my frustrations started coming out aggressively as a result of feeling like I didn’t have someone that could fully understand what was going on for me. What I have learned for myself and others, is the value and power that individuals bring with their own truth and experiences. What I can show kids and young adults is what it means to have their own voice, to be heard, and how to be our own protectors of that voice so that our importance isn’t discounted or undermined. What I can bring to you as an Emotive Sound Coach and Behavioral Health Technician, is a systematic way to create a collaborative process by using elements of sound vibrations, music, art, and your voice. This will show you how to hear yourself with abundance and discover self worth.

Armando Salas

David Fraijo, Recovery Consultant

Author – Emotional Detox
DebX Presenter – 2019

What I can bring you and your family is the comfort of talking to someone who both has been there, and knows that it can’t be me that fixes you. In a strange way, just like I learned how to put down concrete decking, I learned you can’t walk on it until it’s ready and that’s what I provide for you. About 30+ years ago I went in for treatment for addiction issues and it was there that I felt what it was like to pay attention to me again. While I appreciated sobriety and even started my journey by teaching others in my treatment process, my terminal uniqueness led me to the feeling that 12 step work wasn’t everything that I needed for my journey. In fact, I couldn’t find what I needed anywhere, so I started creating it for myself. This was the start of my Emotional Detox journey, where I learned how to play with the idea of putting myself first. And while it’s not perfect, it feels like it’s saved my life at least a few thousand times not counting today. I’m available for consultation just knowing that I only bring to you the solutions that I know would be or have been effective for me. Peace and well wishes to you on your journey.

Armando Salas